The AquaBlaze is ideally suited for remote communities who have limited access to safe, potable water, and who have reasonable access to biomass for cooking (timber, coal, dung). The AquaBlaze A360 is designed for outdoor cooking only.

More than 1,400 children are dying every day from preventable water-borne illnesses as a result of unclean drinking water. AquaBlaze converts unsafe drinking water into safe distilled water at the rate of around two litres per hour from each unit. At the same time the entire 20 litre water container is heated to well over 65 degrees Celsius, meaning the full container becomes pathogen-free after about an hour.

In addition to clean drinking water, AquaBlaze delivers warmth, efficient and contained cooking, and hot water for washing, showering and sterilising. We welcome the opportunity to work with communities for whom the AquaBlaze would be suitable, and with governments, agencies, charities and companies which are active is providing assistance to such communities.

About the AquaBlaze

AquaBlaze is constructed of the most suitable, sustainable and robust materials, primarily 316 Stainless Steel and high-density food grade polyethylene. AquaBlaze is built to last.

If you represent a disaster relief agency anywhere in the world, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss a supply agreement for ensuring every man, woman and child has access to warmth, cooking, water heating, and clean drinking water in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

We are a commercial organisation, however we are truly excited to be able to assist in saving lives and maintaining a reasonable quality of life during challenging times.