Whether in the bush on long-haul mustering jobs, or at the beach on a fishing and camping trip, it’s important to have the essentials of clean drinking water, and access to a safe and contained cooking facility.

The AquaBlaze A360 delivers enough hot water in an hour to shower a large family and wash up from dinner – and this can be late at night or first thing in the morning, when solar systems simply don’t cut it, and it may be too late or early to run a generator near your camping neighbours. How about we you have a shot at your own results.

With continuous burning of biomass, and periodic adding of cold water (which can be dirty creek water or sea water) the AquaBlaze A360 delivers up to 24 litres of drinking water per day per unit. A few units will sustain a small village.

One of the key aspects of bush camping is the open fire, for warmth, cooking, and social interaction. Whilst you will need to check with your local authorities, we have found cooking with the AquaBlaze in Australia is accepted in some areas under total fire ban, as it is deemed an enclosed unit and thus not an open fire.

About the AquaBlaze

AquaBlaze is constructed of the most suitable, sustainable and robust materials, primarily 316 Stainless Steel and high-density food grade polyethylene. AquaBlaze is built to last.

If you represent a disaster relief agency anywhere in the world, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss a supply agreement for ensuring every man, woman and child has access to warmth, cooking, water heating, and clean drinking water in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

We are a commercial organisation, however we are truly excited to be able to assist in saving lives and maintaining a reasonable quality of life during challenging times.