Natural disasters, and some man-made disasters produce a unique set of crises which require unique solutions

Whilst AquaBlaze doesn’t solve the issues caused by burning fossil fuels, most disaster zones have an abundance of combustible materials (usually in the form of destroyed houses and vegetation) which need to be removed, buried or otherwise utilised. Most disaster zones also have an abundance of available water, however it is usually contaminated or salinated (sea) water.

Many care packages issued in the aftermath of a natural disaster contain a gas burner and limited gas supply, and sterilisation tablets which will last for a limited time. This then requires the delivery of secondary supplies.

About the AquaBlaze

AquaBlaze is constructed of the most suitable, sustainable and robust materials, primarily 316 Stainless Steel and high-density food grade polyethylene. AquaBlaze is built to last.

If you represent a disaster relief agency anywhere in the world, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss a supply agreement for ensuring every man, woman and child has access to warmth, cooking, water heating, and clean drinking water in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

We are a commercial organisation, however we are truly excited to be able to assist in saving lives and maintaining a reasonable quality of life during challenging times.