Whether you are camping, fishing, living or working in remote areas, prepping for or have survived a natural disaster, access to safe drinking water is paramount to your survival.
The AquaBlaze converts dirty, contaminated water to clean safe drinking water, while heating additional water for cleaning or showering while you are cooking. Investing in an AquaBlaze is an investment in both your lifestyle and your survival. It will also be an investment in the survival of others.
Disaster Relief
Natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes can often disrupt and pollute water supplies, spreading disease that magnifies the original event’s impact many time overs. We have recently seen the devastation in Vanuatu and Nepal, and we realise how useful AquaBlaze would have been were we already in production.
We are passionate about making a difference in the world.
We are passionate about saving  lives.
Together, we can give people all around the world  the opportunity to access safe drinking water, hot water for cleaning or showering while a delicious meal simmers over the AquaBlaze.
You can store the AquaBlaze in your garage or basement in the event of a natural disaster or if the power goes out for an extended period of time. Having an AquaBlaze stored at your home ensures that you have access to clean water, can cook a meal and still have that hot shower.
If you have been camping or staying in a remote area you need to take the camp cooker, grill, water heater, lots of fresh drinking water, containers to heat water, sterilisation tablets…after you have packed all of that there is little room for much else. The solution is one compact unit, and AquaBlaze is your camping solution.
You can cook on the AquaBlaze.
You can heat water on the AquaBlaze.
You can distil dirty or polluted water to safe drinking water on the AquaBlaze.
First world product with third world benefits
750 million people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water.
That’s more than twice the population of the USA.
That’s more than 31 times the population of Australia.
Every minute a child dies from water related diseases.
AquaBlaze will convert any type of contaminated water, even urine, into fresh, clean, distilled drinking water.
When can I use the AquaBlaze?
The AquaBlaze is a compact portable unit that you can easily take with you when you are camping, fishing or working in remote areas.
What type of fuel do I need to use?
 The AquaBlaze is fuelled by any of bio-fuel, including:
  • Wood
  • Brush
  • Coal
  • Any solid combustible
Can I adjust the height of the AquaBlaze for cooking?
Yes, the AquaBlaze CDH includes adjustable height. The height of the AquaBlaze can easily be adjusted to meet your cooking needs. A sliding door at the base of the unit can also be adjusted to control the burn rate of the fuel.
Can I use the cooker without the water heating and water purifying components?
Yes, in fact you can also buy the cooker on its own. If you have the complete system but don’t need the water heating and distilling elements on some occasions, just remove the water container and leave it disconnected from the cooker. If you have it connected, you must fill it with water before lighting the fire in the cooker.
What type of water can I add to the water container?
Any type of water-based fluid depending on your options and your use. Whatever you add, you will be able to drink the distilled water which is emitted from the spout under the container. The use of the heated water (which you get from opening the side valve) depends. For example:
  • Add fresh water to a clean and decontaminated container, and you can use the water spout to pour straight into a cup of tea or coffee;
  • Add fresh but brackish water, and you can drink the water once it’s reached above 65 degrees celsius (150 degrees fahrenheit) for over thirty (30) minutes, although we can’t guarantee how it’ll taste or smell;
  • Add salt water, and you can use it for washing and showering, although it will remain salty (although there is a soap on the market which removes the salty feel);
  • In desperation, add urine or other truly awful stuff, and we suggest you just keep producing and drinking the distilled water, and use the water for no other purpose.
What temperature does the water heat to?
The AquaBlaze can heat water around 70 – 90 degrees celsius (160 – 195 degrees Fahrenheit) or more within a couple of hours. CAUTION: when using the water heated in the container for cleaning or showering, please add cold water to prevent burns. We recommend you pour cold water into a canvas bag and then add hot water from the AquaBlaze outlet tap to create a comfortable showering temperature. Always test the water before using.
How much distilled water does it produce?
Depending on what and how much fuel you’re burning, and how much water you remove and add, the AquaBlaze can produce around two litres of distilled, potable water per hour.
Can I drink the water in the container once it’s heated?
Once water has been heated above 65 degrees celsius (150 degrees fahrenheit) for over thirty (30) minutes, all pathogens will have been destroyed, so you could in fact safely drink the whole container. If you’re using dirty water it may not look or taste very good. You should not drink it if the source is salt water or contains dangerous chemicals.
What is it made from and where is it made?
The AquaBlaze A Series cooker is made from 316 stainless steel. The water container with heating/distillation system is made from 316 stainless steel and high-density food grade polyurethene.
Can I cook on the AquaBlaze indoors?
Unless you are using gas, the AquaBlaze is purely an outdoor cooker as it emits smoke like any other outdoor barbecue.
What are the AquaBlaze specifications?
The approximate packed dimensions are:
AquaBlaze A360 CH Cooker with Height Adjustment: Diameter 36cm, Height 62cm, Weight 10kg
AquaBlaze A360 CHD Cooker with Height Adjustment and Water Container: Diameter 36cm, Height 62cm, Weight 12kg
The above dimensions do not include optional extras.
What is the estimated timeline?
Our current scheduling is for despatch within thirty (30) days of order. We will advise purchasers if the programme falls outside of this timing.