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Gamikon owns patents in renewable energy, undoubtedly the most exciting and important field of research in the world today. Gamikon’s patents involve the production of high levels of energy, in the form of heat, within an electrolysis cell. This production is achieved by creating low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The Gamikon patents include the cell design, and more importantly the broad application of a control system to an electrolysis apparatus.

Anyone wanting to utilise electrolysis to produce LENR will require a control system. We understand a number of organisations have now achieved LENR and developed a control system, yet do not have the legal protection afforded Gamikon by virtue of its patents. These organisations would benefit from owning or licensing the Gamikon patents.

Patents are owned by Gamikon Pty Ltd ACN 148 995 939
Incorporated in Australia

Clean Renewable Energy

Our core asset is intellectual property in the form of registered and pending patents around the world, which patents protect the design for a closed cycle electrode boiler, including a control system.

This boiler feeds a heat exchanger to produce process heat. The system operates at relatively low temperatures and pressures, and converts energy locked in the atom into usable heat, without emissions.

This technology, once commercialised, will significantly increase energy availability and will replace harmful sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

Whilst electrolysis cells have been well established for centuries, Gamikon’s research identified that the effective application of electrolysis in LENR is dependent on utilising a control system, which has been incorporated in the patents. The control system is a key to the value of the company’s patents.

Patents are currently registered or pending in Canada, China, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States.

Gamikon is interested in partnering with organisations around the world, either globally or for specified territories. Our preference will be to licence the technology, however we will also consider the sale of our patents. 

The Gamikon patents would be of interest to organisations which:

  • are engaged in research into Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) using electrolysis;
  • have developed a suitable control system, and
  • would benefit from the priority dates (2012-2013) which Gamikon’s patents enjoy.

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