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inspired by possibility

guided by theory

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Why we do what we do

We believe

  • in rising tides lifting all boats
  • in the right of all good citizens to prosper
  • in consistent social responsibility
  • in diversity and harmonious co-existence
  • in mutual growth and sustainability
  • in collaborative innovation solving the unsolvable
  • in energy freedom and security.

We believe in a better world for all the world.

We understand the primary key to a better world is energy

  • conquering new frontiers in renewable energy solutions
  • delivering abundant energy to everyone
  • locally, cleanly, affordably, sustainably.

We understand that this is entirely possible, and soon.
Our own research has proven it to be true.

We believe in zero emissions energy.

What we do

We harness process heat without emissions.
Distributed power generation.
Efficient, clean, local, renewable power generation units.
Delivering for energy what aircraft did for transportation.
We’re nearly there. Consider the possibilities.

We make more energy than some think is possible

Eight years of research and development, and we have

a system that might just change, well,


Jacobs Thermal System

Clean Renewable Energy

Our core intellectual property is a closed cycle electrode boiler, operating at ground-breaking levels of efficiency.

This boiler, referred to as the Jacobs Thermal System (JTS), feeds a heat exchanger to produce process heat. The system operates at relatively low temperatures and pressures, and converts energy locked in the atom into usable heat, without emissions.

This technology will significantly increase energy availability and will replace harmful sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

The key to the JTS is that the amount of energy it produces is more than the amount of energy required to sustain the process, thus resulting in a net gain.

From Heat to Electricity

So our system produces extraordinary volumes of heat from relatively minor input.

Now to turn that into electricity……

ThOR Cycle based Heat Engine

Energy to Electricity

The Thermally Optimised Recovery Cycle based Heat Engine (ThOR Engine) is a highly efficient steam engine. Depending on specific design aspects, it will have an efficiency of between 50% and 84%.

ThOR technology is based around a low pressure, low temperature turbine. Exhaust heat from the turbine is recovered and returned, resulting in large efficiency gains and, due to operating at lower pressures, ThOR systems are much safer.


Changing the energy paradigm

We’ve chosen to re-visit an improbable ideal, and see how far we can take it.

With your help, we believe it’s possible.

Who we are


We’re a team of passionate private inventors, investors and idealists who have quietly spent nearly a decade researching, designing and developing both a low energy nuclear reactor and a highly efficient heat engine, which together will change the energy paradigm – for everyone.

clean, renewable, sustainable, scaleable, affordable

Our Mission

Challenge the status quo
Pursue new frontiers
Think innovatively
Act boldly


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