innovative zero emissions energy technology



inspired by possibility

guided by theory

driven by fact



Why we do what we do

We believe

  • in rising tides lifting all boats
  • in the right of all good citizens to prosper
  • in consistent social responsibility
  • in diversity and harmonious co-existence
  • in mutual growth and sustainability
  • in collaborative innovation solving the unsolvable
  • in energy freedom and security.

We believe in a better world for all the world.

We understand the primary key to a better world is energy

  • conquering new frontiers in renewable energy solutions
  • delivering abundant energy to everyone
  • locally, cleanly, affordably, sustainably.

We understand that this is entirely possible, and soon.
Our own research has proven it to be true.

We believe in zero emissions energy.

What we do

We harness process heat without emissions.
Distributed power generation.
Efficient, clean, local, renewable power generation units.

Gamikon Pty Ltd ACN 148 995 939
Incorporated in Australia

Gamikon Thermal System

Clean Renewable Energy

Our core asset is intellectual property in the form of the design for a closed cycle electrode boiler, including a control system.

This boiler feeds a heat exchanger to produce process heat. The system operates at relatively low temperatures and pressures, and converts energy locked in the atom into usable heat, without emissions.

This technology, once commercialised, could significantly increase energy availability and replace harmful sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

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