Gamikon Energy is delighted to release the first AquaBlaze video. This was filmed in 2015 with an early prototype of the water container.

We’re particularly fond of the dodgy hand-sewn carry bag, which is definitely not included in the sale item, and also the brightly painted blue lid which highlights that the prototype water container and distillation system is a converted metal bucket.

The ‘talent’ used in this video are all from the Gamikon team, including staff, shareholders, family and friends. Only the directors managed to avoid the front of the camera…..

The shortest of videos showing the first trial of the final commercial unit. This was filmed at the Brisbane property where AquaBlaze was first born in 2015.

This is the AquaBlaze design which is now available for purchase, and is entirely constructed of 316 stainless steel and high-density food-grade polyethylene. And it works superbly.

A short video showing the AquaBlaze being assembled, presented by Gideon the inventor. This is shown at x2 speed so (a) it looks even faster to assemble, and (b) you won’t fall asleep. With the latest version assembly is even easier than this shows.

You should only need a minute or two to assemble the AquaBlaze ready to fill with water, and again only a few minutes to pack it away.

If you fill it with clean water, then the water feature is all about hot water for showers and washing up after meals, plus you have a constant source of hot water from the tap for tea and coffee. If you fill with contaminated water or sea water, the distilled water will come in very handy.