Whether you live in a remote community or in a modern city, you will at some time experience loss of services. This could take the form of power blackouts, water contamination, loss of gas reserves etc. The world is currently experiencing an increase in environmental volatility, and many regions are suffering from limited or no access to electricity, gas, solar or other forms of continuous power.

Having an AquaBlaze provides a compact, quickly-assembled alternative which provides warmth, cooking, water heating, and the ability to convert contaminated water or sea water to potable water for drinking.

Consider long-haul road trips, and the car breaking down miles from help. The AquaBlaze will take your radiator water, or your urine, and give you potable drinking water.

About the AquaBlaze

AquaBlaze is constructed of the most suitable, sustainable and robust materials, primarily 316 Stainless Steel and high-density food grade polyethylene. AquaBlaze is built to last.

If you represent a disaster relief agency anywhere in the world, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss a supply agreement for ensuring every man, woman and child has access to warmth, cooking, water heating, and clean drinking water in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

We are a commercial organisation, however we are truly excited to be able to assist in saving lives and maintaining a reasonable quality of life during challenging times.