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Jacobs Thermal System

Our core intellectual property is a closed cycle electrode boiler, operating at ground-breaking levels of efficiency. This boiler, referred to as the Jacobs Thermal System (JTS), feeds a heat exchanger to produce process heat. The system operates at relatively low temperatures and pressures, and converts energy locked in the atom into usable heat, without emissions.

This technology will significantly increase energy availability and will replace harmful sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

Research and development efforts have been focused on refining the system to stable and continuous operation, producing economically viable levels of extractable excess heat.

The key feature of the JTS is that the amount of energy it produces is more than the amount of energy required to sustain the process, thus resulting in a net gain.

Since this energy is released as heat, requiring loss-sustaining conversion to electricity, two options are available to successfully convert the heat to electricity. The first is to use standard heat engine technology which requires high gains to offset conversion losses. The second is to operate the system at lower gains, but combine it with a highly efficient heat engine. Either option is required in order to construct a feasible electricity generating system. A stable operating region with high enough gains have been achieved with the JTS.

Gamikon has partnered with another Australian firm in developing a highly efficient heat engine that will allow for the conversion of heat, from the JTS, into electricity at efficiencies previously thought impossible.

The JTS has been subjected to rigorous inspection, assessment and validation by both associated and independent parties. An international patent has been applied for and granted in a number of countries, although in many the patent is still undergoing assessment.

Gamikon is working towards the completion and trialling of commercial prototypes of the JTS. The Company has resolved to seek funding support to complete the development of a 100kW field demonstrator prototype which, depending on the level of funding raised, is projected for completion within one to two years.

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