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Investor Summary  


Industry Sector     Energy

Company Status    Series A, Expansion

Requirement          Up to $5M

Exit Strategy          Trade Sale


Who to contact

Michael Reid           Co-Founder/ Director / CEO

M:                              0403 243 199




Who is Gamikon Energy?

Gamikon is an Australian company focusing on the development of zero emission energy technologies.


What is the compelling need?

The world’s energy system is in crisis. The cost of power is becoming prohibitive, and the use of fossil fuels needs to be reduced globally as a matter of urgency. There are currently no reliable, cost effective, zero polluting, and sustainable alternatives available. Energy portability and localisation is also a critical issue for the development of small and remote communities therein improving their quality of life and commercial potential.


How is Gamikon addressing this need?

Gamikon Energy is creating zero emission energy technology to support the current market need. This technology also supports opportunities for decentralised power.


Why Should I Invest?
  • Global market of $2.23T per annum.
  • Projected 10x capital gains.
  • A highly motivated, committed and talented team.
  • Advanced stage of R&D on core technology.
  • Patents already registered in key countries.


What is the primary purpose of the Offer?
  • Increase capacity via additional full-time roles, expertise and team expansion.
  • Appoint an expert Board.
  • Complete research and development of commercial-ready systems.
  • IP protection and consolidation.
  • Enhance R&D with key research partners.
  • Business development and building strategic alliances for commercialisation.


Novel Technology

Gamikon Energy is creating two primary technologies:

  1. JTS Heat Source (COP > 4)
  2. ThOR Heat Engine (Efficiency > 50%)

Our core intellectual property is the Jacobs Thermal System (JTS), using the “Jacobs Electro-Thermolysis Cell” (JET Cell) to convert energy locked in the atom, into usable heat, without emissions or harmful radiation. This technology will significantly increase energy availability and will replace unsustainable sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

The JTS utilises Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) or Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions (CMNR) technology. This reaction type is distinguished from Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion in that LENR reactions do not produce dangerous levels of Gamma or Neutron radiation.

The amount of energy the JTS produces is more than the amount of electrical energy required to sustain the process (utilising currently accepted scientific principles), thus resulting in a net gain, currently with COP>4.

Since the energy from the JTS is released as heat, this then needs to be converted to useable electricity. Two options are available: the first is to use standard heat engine technology, which requires high gains from the JTS to offset conversion losses; the second is to operate the JTS at lower gains and combine it with a highly efficient heat engine.

The first option will be continuously pursued, and with the second option in mind, Gamikon has partnered with another Australian firm in designing a highly efficient heat engine, ThOR, allowing the conversion of heat into electricity at efficiencies previously thought impossible.


Research, Validation & Protection

To date, research and development efforts on the JTS have focused on refining the system to stable and continuous operation, producing economically viable levels of extractable excess heat.

The JTS has been subjected to rigorous trials, assessment and validation by both associated and independent parties with validation reports available.

International patents have been applied for and granted in a number of countries and are still undergoing assessment in others.


Development & Commercialisation Pathway

The Gamikon technologies are in R&D stage at this time. It is anticipated that commercial-ready units, for limited markets, will be available within 12 months. This will allow the generation of early revenue whilst supplementing ongoing R&D.


Path to Market

Broadly, all uses and users of heat, electricity and propulsion (land, sea, air and space) are available markets.

Initial go to market targets are:

  • JTS – Low level heat (below 100C), servicing demands for space heating, water heating, washing, rinsing, and food preparation, including industries utilising canning and bottling plants.
  • JTS – Medium level heat (heat between 100C and 400C). The first Gamikon product will be applicable to approximately 50% of this market, which includes sterilizing, pasteurizing, hydrolizing, polymerizing, washing and cleaning, distilling and evaporating.
  • ThOR – existing installations using excess steam, with immediate applicability into numerous industries.


What is the Gamikon business model?
  • Direct systems sale and rental
  • Licencing of intellectual property


What is the competitive landscape?

LENR research has been conducted and papers published by a number of highly prestigious institutions such as SRI, NASA, SPAWAR, MIT, Purdue University and many more, however none to date have achieved a commercial product and Gamikon is producing superior results.


The Management Team

Michael Reid  –  Co-Founder/Director/CEO

35 Years’ Board level experience including property, finance, investment, development, technology and services. Key expertise in corporate structuring and strategic planning.

Gideon Jacobs  –  Co-Founder/Director/CTO

Inventor and systems designer with 30 years’ experience in thermal, nuclear, electrical, electronic, mechanical, and mechatronic solutions. Primary inventor of all Gamikon Intellectual Property, and developer of the JTS since late 2009.



Tony Wheeler BEng(Hons)

20 years business owner, strategic advisor, mentor and consultant to tech start-ups, scale-ups, and corporations. Supporting Gamikon with strategic planning, mentoring, investor introductions and liaison, and business advisory.


Gys Jacobs PhD Eng

PhD in mechanical engineering with more than 20 years research, design, development, testing and operations experience, including high temperature nuclear gas reactor systems testing and test plant operations.

Keith Johnstone BEng (Hons) CPEng

Consultant Electrical Engineer (31 years); Electrical Power (10 years NZ Electricity); Thermal power station plant erection (5x120MW).


Investment to Date
  • 6 years full time
  • Private equity $2M and in-kind $1M


What is the offer?

Gamikon Energy is seeking to raise up to AUD$5,000,000 in this current round (Min $250,000). This investment will be tranched and performance milestone based for large scale investors. Investors will potentially receive equity in parent and IP owner Gamikon Pty Ltd.


Conditions of the offer
  1. This offer is made under Section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001. For the purposes of subsection (1), a personal offer is one that is made to a person who is likely to be interested in the offer, having regard to previous contact between the person making the offer and that person; or
  2. some professional or other connection between the person making the offer and that person.
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