The AquaBlaze saves lives.


Help provide an AquaBlaze to a water-poor community in South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, or Indonesia.

Each AquaBlaze includes:

A barbecue

A 20 litre water container

A water heating and distilling system

which produces two litres every hour of potable, safe drinking water.

Help us help the world.


The AquaBlaze is a 36cm diameter 316 stainless steel portable barbecue combined with a 20 litre high-density food-grade polyethylene water container and 316 stainless steel heating and distilling system. This unit can cook enough to feed a village, while producing two litres every hour of potable, safe, clean drinking water.


This is the bee’s knees for water-poor communities and for communities recovering from natural disasters. You can give up to 24 litres of potable water to a community every single day, plus hot water for showering and washing, plus a cooking facility.



Companies and businesses large and small are invited to work with us in order to establish a regular periodic donation of an AquaBlaze to a family or community in need.

You let us know how frequently you want to contribute a unit, we’ll setup the arrangement with you and we’ll then do the rest. We’ll arrange manufacture, delivery, and send you photos of those who have benefited from your generosity.

Business Registration of Interest

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You are a legend, and we thank you.


Please help us deliver fresh water to those who need it. No child should be drinking contaminated water.


Michael & Samantha Reid


Over 1,400 children are dying every day from illness caused by drinking contaminated water. We can, and we must, put an end to it.


Gideon Jacobs


It’s exciting to see an Australian invention make a worthy contribution to world health. Please support this project and donate an AquaBlaze.


Kerry Herron


I live in South Africa, and I’ve seen the need for this AquaBlaze system far too often. Please get behind this programme and donate an AquaBlaze.


Gys Jacobs