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$100 Donation Applied to an AquaBlaze A360 CD – Donor Unit
Cooker PLUS 20 litre Water Container with heating/distillation system PLUS multi-purpose tool and wok lid. Height adjustment not included. Delivery not included.

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Your donation will be applied to supplying an AquaBlaze 360 CD to a community in need.┬áThis is a 36cm diameter 316 stainless steel portable barbecue combined with a 20 litre high-density food-grade polyethylene water container and 316 stainless steel heating and distilling system. This unit can cook enough to feed a village, while producing two litres every hour of potable, safe, clean drinking water. This is the bee’s knees for water-poor communities and for communities recovering from natural disasters. You can give up to 24 litres of potable water to a community every single day, plus hot water for showering and washing, plus a cooking facility. You are a legend, and we thank you.

We don’t include the height adjustment feature in donated units to improve the combustion efficiency. This serves better those communities which have limited access to fossil fuels.

PS. We’re really sorry we’re not a registered charity, so unless you are a not-for-profit organisation, your donation won’t be tax-deductible. Please encourage NFP’s around the world to contribute to delivering the AquaBlaze A360 to those in need.


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