Gamikon Foundation is a Australian registered not-for-profit with a focus on the alleviation of global poverty. As an associate of the Gamikon Energy Group, the Gamikon Foundation has a unique opportunity to secure unique energy products at a massively discounted price for the benefit of disadvantaged communities around the world.

Donate to help provide an AquaBlaze to a water-poor community in South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, or Indonesia. Each AquaBlaze includes a barbecue, a 20 litre water container, and a water heating and distilling system which produces two litres every hour of potable, safe drinking water.

The AquaBlaze saves lives.
Help us help the world.

The AquaBlaze is a 36cm diameter 316 stainless steel portable barbecue combined with a 20 litre high-density food-grade polyethylene water container and 316 stainless steel heating and distilling system. This unit can cook enough to feed a village, while producing two litres every hour of potable, safe, clean drinking water. This is the bee’s knees for water-poor communities and for communities recovering from natural disasters. You can give up to 24 litres of potable water to a community every single day, plus hot water for showering and washing, plus a cooking facility. You are a legend, and we thank you. We’ve cut out the sales and marketing process, and bought straight from the factory at nominal margin. Retail price is $595, wholesale price is $445, we buy it from the factory at $375. We try to raise enough for at least 50% donation, and the rest we provide through micro-finance to the end user. If and when the loan is repaid, we re-use the funds towards the purchase of another AquaBlaze for the next person in need.
If you’d like to buy an AquaBlaze for your own use, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Gamikon Energy will donate a percentage of its profit to the Gamikon Foundation, to be applied to the purchase of more AquaBlazes for those in need.

Please help us deliver fresh water to those who need it. No child should be drinking contaminated water.

Michael & Samantha Reid

Over 1,400 children are dying every day from illness caused by drinking contaminated water. We can, and we must, put an end to it.

Gideon Jacobs
AquaBlaze Invenor

It’s exciting to see an Australian invention make a worthy contribution to world health. Please support this project and donate an AquaBlaze.

Kerry Herron
Founder, Herron Todd White

Fresh water is the one critical element for life. Too many people struggle to find safe drinking water. We are all responsible for the health of each other.

Michael Nelson Jagamara

This is me drinking water from the AquaBlaze. This was dirty water from the local creek. Let’s get this out and around the world.

Darren Litzlow

I live in South Africa, and I’ve seen the need for this AquaBlaze system far too often. Please get behind this programme and donate an AquaBlaze.

Gys Jacobs